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Alebic-Juretic, A.

Ozone levels in the Rijeka Bay area, Northern Adriatic, Croatia, 1999–2007



Alessandrini, S., Ferrero, E.

A Lagrangian particle model with chemical reactions: application in real atmosphere




Al-Omair, A.O., Al-Mutaz, I.S., Abashar, M.E.E.

Determination of mixing height in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia



Al-Rashidi, M. S.

Validation of air pollution (ISCST3) model under the meteorological conditions of Kuwait



Amicarelli, A., Leuzzi, G., Monti, P., Thomson, D.J.

A stationary 3D Lagrangian stochastic numerical model for concentration fluctuations




Andreani-Aksoyoglu, S., Keller, J., Alfarra, M.R., Sandradewi, J., Prévôt, A.S.H.

Seasonal variability of aerosol composition in Switzerland: A modeling study




Andronopoulos, S., Mavroidis, I., Venetsanos, A., Bartzis, J.G.

Modelling of atmospheric flow, dispersion in the wake of a cylindrical obstacle




Andronopoulos, S., Sfetsos, A., Vlachogiannis, D., Yiotis, A., Gounaris, N.

Application of adjoint CMAQ chemical transport model in the Athens greater area: Sensitivities study on ozone concentrations




Anfossi, D., Tinarelli, G., Trini Castelli, S., Commanay, J., Nibart, M.

MicroSpray simulation of dense gas dispersion in complex terrain




Armand, P., Olry, C., Albergel, A., Duchenne, C.

3D simulation of the dispersion in the urban environment in case of an explosion using TESATEX pre-processor, Micro-SWIFT-SPRAY modelling system




Arnold, D., Vargas, A., Montero, M., Dvorzhak, A., Seibert, P.

Comparison of the dispersion model in RODOS-LX, MM5-V3.7-FLEXPART(V6.2). A case study for the nuclear power plant of Almaraz




Azula, O., Vivanco, M.G., Correa, M., Palomino, I., Martin, F.

Analysis of the impact of the model resolution on ozone predictions over some areas in Spain




Balanzino, A., Pirovano, G., Riva, G.M., Ferrero, E., Causa, M.

PM 10 transport, diffusion in Northern Italy



Ball, A., Hill, R., Jenkinson, P.

Evaluation of methods for integrating monitoring, modelling data for regulatory air quality assessments



Bande, S., D’Allura, A., Finardi, S, Giorcelli, M., Muraro, M.

Meteorological modelling influence on regional, urban air pollution predictability



Barmpas, F., Ossanlis, I., Moussiopoulos, N.

The effect of source treatment on pollutant dispersion in an idealised urban roughness in numerical simulations using the standard - turbulence closure model



Bartnicki, J., Saltbones, J., A

tmospheric dispersion of radioactive debris released in case of nuclear explosion using the Norwegian SNAP model




Baumann-Stanzer, K., Piringer, M., Polreich, E., Hirtl, M., Petz, E., Bügelmayer, M.

User experience with model validation exercises




Becker, A., Wotawa, G.

Enhanced global nuclear event location, its uncertainty analysis based on various adjoint ensemble dispersion modelling techniques



Bedogni, M., Casadei, S.,, Pirovano, G.

Assessing the contribution of the main emission sources to particulate matter concentrations in the Milan area



Belušic, D., Špoler-Canic, K., Kraljevic, L., Benedictow, A.C., Tarrasón, L.

EMEP4HR: Towards urban scale modelling using WRF, EMEP models



Benceti Klai, Z., Beluši, D., Jerievi, A., Cvitaš, T.

High ozone episode at Zavižan, Croatia during 17–9 July 1998.



Berger, J., Walker, S.E., Denby, B., Berkowicz, R., Loefstroem, P., Ketzel, M., Härkönen, J., Nikmo, J., Karppinen, A.

Evaluation, inter-comparison of open road line source models currently in use in the nordic countries




Bewersdorff, I., Aulinger, A., Volker, M., Quante, M.

Modelling of Benzo(a)pyrene concentrations in North Sea coastal areas: Contribution of ship emissions




Bonnardot, F., Paul, J., Peuch, A., Daniel, P.

Dispersion in the atmosphere of a pollutant drifting at the sea surface, Galerne project



Borrego, C., Sá, E., Monteiro, A., Ferreira, J., Miranda, A.I.

Forecasting human exposure to atmospheric pollutants in Portugal




Brocheton, F., Armand, P., Soulhac, L., Buisson, E.

A methodology to characterise the sources of uncertainties in atmospheric transport modelling




Brown, Y., Middleton, D.R., Luhana, L.

Comparison of dispersion model case studies using numerical weather prediction or synoptic observations




Buccolieri, R., Pulvirenti, B., Di Sabatino, S., Britter, R.

The influence of buoyancy on flow, pollutant dispersion in street canyons




Buccolieri, R., Sandberg, M.

Study of the effects of building density, overall shape of a city on pollutant dispersion by combination of wind tunnel experiments, CFD simulations



Cantelli, A., Monti, P., Leuzzi, G.

A subgrid surface scheme for the analysis of the urban heat island of Rome




Caputo, M., Gimenez, M., Padra, C.

An analytical non-stationary dispersion-deposition model



Carruthers, D., McHugh, C., Church, S., Jackson, M., Williams, M., Price, C., Lad, C.

ADMS-Airport model intercomparisons, model validation




Carruthers, D., Sheng, X., Vanvyve, E.

Regulatory requirements for dispersion modelling in Taiwan including the use of ADMS



Castelli, T.S., Anfossi, D., Belfiore, G.

Inclusion of a turbulence parameterisation in a diagnostic mass consistent model driven by a prognostic model




Cierco, F.X., Soulhac, L., Méjean, P., Armand, P., Salizzoni, P.

Determination of concentration fluctuations within an instantaneous puff through wind tunnel experiments




Coppalle, A.

A street canyon model for the screening of pollutant accumulation at pedestrian level, Application to several European cities




Dacre, H.

Evaluation of the transport of pollution by the UK Met Office’s dispersion, weather prediction models using the ETEX dataset



Demael, E., Milliez, M., Bilbault, D., Gilbert, E., Carissimo, B.

Uncertainty analysis for CFD modelling of pollutant dispersion influenced by buildings



Denby, B.

Source apportionment of PM2.5 in urban areas using multiple linear regression as an inverse modelling technique




Di Sabatino, S., Buccolieri, R., Paradisi, P., Palatella, L., Corrado, R., Solazzo, E.

A fast model for flow, pollutant dispersion at the neighbourhood scale



Di Sabatino, S., Olesen, H., Berkowicz, R., Franke, J., Schatzmann, M., Britter, R., Schlünzen, H., Martilli, A., Carissimo, B.

A model evaluation protocol for urban scale flow, dispersion models




Diegman, V., Pfäfflin, F., Wurzler, S.

Air quality assessment in the European Mega City Ruhr Area: Effects of a low emission zone




Diegmann, V., Wurzler, S.

Quality control in dispersion modeling: Validation of a screening model for PM 10, NO 2



Dore, A.J., Kryza, M., Vieno, M., Sutton, M.A.

Modelling the contribution of SO2, NOx emissions from international shipping to sulphur, oxidised nitrogen deposition in the United Kingdom




Duchene, N., Peeters, S.

Comparison of Lagrangian, Gaussian dispersion modelling at airports using the same emission inventory



Duchene, N., Smith, J., Fuller, J.

A methodology for the creation of meteorological datasets for local air quality modelling at airports




Duran, J.

Development of dose assessment code for releases of tritium during normal operation of nuclear power plants



Dyer, L.L., Pascoe, J.H.

Evaluating emergency response models of radiological dispersion in complex terrain



Efthimiou, G.C., Bartzis, J.G., Andronopoulos, S.,, Sfetsos, T.

Modelling the concentration fluctuation, individual exposure in complex urban environments




Eichhorn, J., Balczó, M.

Flow, dispersal simulations of the Mock Urban Setting Test




Enger, L., Sodeberg, S.

Modeling system for dispersion calculations during accidental releases




Farges, B., Soulhac, L., Armand, P., Salizzoni, P., Garbero, V.

A new approach for minimizing computation time in puff dispersion models: A plume reconstruction algorithm



Forkel, R., Supan, P.

Environmental impacts of urban agglomerations



Franke, J., Bartzis, J., Barmpas, F., Berkowicz, R., Brzozowski, K., Buccolieri, R., Carissimo, B., Costa, A., Di Sabatino, S.,. Efthimiou, G, Goricsan, I., Hellsten, A., Ketzel, M., Leitl, B., Nuterman, R., Olesen, H., Polreich, E., Santiago, J., Tavares

The MUST model evaluation exercise: Statistical analysis of modelling results




Fuka, V., Brechler, J.

Implicit large eddy simulation of incompressible flow



Garcia Vivanco, M., Palacios, M., Palomino, I., Ortiz, A.

An evaluation of VOC predictions over Spain



Giambini, P., Carpentieri, M., Corti, A.

Intercomparison, sensitivity, uncertainty analysis between different urban dispersion models applied to an Air Quality Action Plan in Tuscany, Italy



Gonçalves Ageitos, M., Jiménez-Guerrero, P., Baldasano, J.M.

Air quality management strategies in urban areas: effects of introducing hybrid cars in Madrid, Barcelona metropolitan areas (Spain)




Graham, A., Bennett, M., Christie, S.

Representing the dispersion of emissions from aircraft on runways



Grisogono, B.

Faculty of Science & Mathematics Dept. of Geophysics, University of Zagreb




Grisogono, B., Beluši, D.

Improving mixing length-scale for inclined stable boundary layers




Gromke, C., Buccolieri, R., Di Sabatino, S., Ruck, D.B.

Evaluation of numerical flow, dispersion simulations for street canyons with avenue-like tree planting by comparison with wind tunnel data




Gryning, S.E., Batchvarova, E.

Data-set from tall meteorological masts for use in COST728 model evaluation study



Halenka, T., Huszar, P.

Verification of the air quality model against flight measurement of ship plumes (corridors)




Halenka, T., Huszar, P., Belda, M.

Validation of atmospheric chemistry/aerosols model coupled to regional climate model in high resolution




Hanna, S. R., J. Chang

Gaps in toxic industrial chemical (TIC) model systems




Hanna, S.R., Sykes, R.I., Chang, J.C., White, J., Baja, E.

Urban HPAC, a simple urban dispersion model compared with the Joint Urban 2003 (JU2003) field data




Harvey, E.J.

The development of a puff dispersion model for use in modelling short term accidental releases, based on the ADMS4 model: ADMS-STAR2




Hirtl, M., Krüger, B.C., Kaiser, A., Baumann-Stanzer, K., Skomorowski, P., Scheifinger, H.

Evaluation of the operational ozone forecast model of the ZAMG with measurements of the Austrian air quality network




Hofman, R., Pecha, P., Pechova, E.

A simplified approach for solution of time update problem during toxic waste plume spreading in the atmosphere



Hongisto, M.

Model studies on nitrogen, sulphur transport, deposition since 1993 in the Baltic Sea surroundings



Izarra-Garcia, R.I., Franke, J., Frank, W.

Pollution dispersion prediction for the MUST wind tunnel experiment with anisotropic algebraic models for turbulent scalar fluxes




Jalkanen, J.P., Brink, A., Kalli, J., Stipa, T.

State of the art - AIS based emission calculations for the Baltic Sea shipping



Janssen, S., Fierens, F., Dumont, G., Mensink, C.

RIO: a novel approach for air pollution mapping




Jerievi, A., Grisogono, B., Tarrason, L.

Implementation, verification of vertical diffusion scheme in the EMEP model



Keder, J.

Experiments with inverse-dispersion modelling



Kellnerová, R., Janour, Z.

The flow instabilities within an urban intersection



Ketzel, M., Berkowicz, R., Hvidberg, M., Jensen, S.S., Raaschou-Nielsen, O.

Validation of AirGIS - a GIS-based air pollution, human exposure modelling system




Kobe, A.

The European ambient air policy – developments, the role of modelling




Kono, H., Tamura, D., Iwai, Y., Aoki, T., Watanabe, S., Nishioka, M., Ito, Y., Adachi, T.

Experimental study of turbulence, vertical temperature profile in the urban boundary layer




Koracin, D., Erez, W., Koracin, J., Vellore, R., Lowenthal, D., DuBois, D., Chen, L.-W., Gertler, A.

Application of a Lagrangian random particle model to forward, inverse air quality modeling




Krajcovicova, J.

An application of CALPUFF dispersion model to a non-standard problem



Kraljevic, L., Belušic, D., Bencetic Klaic, Z., Bennedictow, A., Fagerli, H., Grisogono, B., Jerievi, A., Mihajlovic, D., Špoler Canic, K., Tarrason, L., Valiyaveetil, S., Vešligaj, D., Vidic, S.

Application of EMEP Unified model on regional scale – EMEP4HR




Kraljevic, L., Grisogono, B., Tarrason L.

Horizontal diffusion in EMEP chemical transport model



Labancz, K., Ferenczi, Z.

Air quality forecasting system for Budapest (Hungary)



Lodomez, P., Rosenthal, E., Henseler, J., Buescher, W., Diekmann, B.

Dynamic dispersion modelling of odours, aerosols




Lopez-Villegas, M.T., Iniestra-Gomez, R., Gonzáles-Castillo, H., Garibay–Bravo, V.

First attempt the national air quality modeling of Mexico, preliminary results



Lorentz, H., Düring, I.

Use of SELMAGIS for preparation of air quality action plans




Maerschalck, B., Janssen, S., Vankerkom, J., Mensink, C., Burg, A., Fortuin, P.

CFD simulations of the impact of a line vegetation element along a motorway on local air quality




Malby, A., Timmis, R., Whyatt, D.

Air pollution impacts, sources under a changing climate: A case study for Scunthorpe, U.K.



Markakis, K.

Quantification, evaluation of dust resuspension PM 10 emissions in two large urban centers in Greece



Mazzeo, N.A., Venegas, L.E.

Evaluation of natural, traffic-producing turbulences using full scale data from four street canyons



Mensink, C., Van de Vel, K., Ridder, K., Viaene, P., Janssen, S.

Linking urban (street canyon) models with regional air quality models through urban boundary conditions




Middleton, D. R.

Dispersion model input parameters from numerical weather prediction or synoptic observations




Mihajlovic, D., Kraljevic, L.

Numerical advection experiments using 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th order Bott’s scheme



Minoura, H., Akiyoshi, I.

Verification of the JCAP roadside air quality simulation model



Moussiopoulos, N., Dilara, P., Lükewille, A., Denby, B., Douros, J., Fragkou, E., Larssen, S., Cuvelier, K.

FAIRMODE: A forum for air quality modelling in Europe




Nakiboglu, G., Gorlé, C., Horwáth, I.A., van Beeck, J.

Determination of concentration by means of light scattering, digital image postprocessing



Nezis, A.A., Angelidis, D.I., Assimakopoulos, V.D., Bergeles, G.C.

On the wind flow patterns under neutral, unstable conditions in an urban area



Oettl, D.

Modelling of primary PM10 concentrations for the city of Graz, Austria




Olesen, H.R.

Introduction to the 12th Harmonisation conference




Olesen, H.R.

Closing of the 12th Harmonisation conference




Olesen, H.R., Baklanov, A., Bartzis, J., Barmpas, F. Berkowicz, R., Brzozowski, R. Buccolieri, R., Carissimo, B., Costa, A., Di Sabatino, S., Efthimiou, G., Franke, J., Goricsan, I., Hellsten, A., Ketzel, M. Leitl, B., Nuterman, R., Polreich, E., Tavares

The MUST model evaluation exercise: Patterns in model performance




Omstedt, G., Andersson, S., Gidhagen L., Robertson, L.

New evaluation tools for meeting the EU directive on air pollution limits




Pelliccioni A., Gariazzo, C., de Dominicis, M.

Definition of novel health, air quality index based on short term exposure, air concentration levels



Pelliccioni, A., Cotroneo, R., Punge, F

Methodological consideration on pre-processing data optimization concerning air dispersion model, neural networks: a case study of ozone prediction level



Pession, G., Magri, T., Zublena M., Agnesod, G., Genon, G., Blanc, L., Silibello, C., Finardi, S., Calori, G., Nanni, A.

Dust generation, dispersion (PM 10, PM 2.5 ) in Aosta Valley: analysis with the FARM model



Petritoli, A., Palazzi, E., Giovanelli, G., Di Nicolantonio, W., Ballista, G., Carnevale, C., Finzi, G., Pisoni, E., Volta M.L.

Combined use of space-borne observations of NO 2, regional CTM model for air quality monitoring in Northern Italy




Pillon, S., Dalan, F., Liguori, F., Maffeis, G.

PM source apportionment analysis in the Venetian area




Pisoni, E., Batchvarova, E., Candiani, G., Carnevale, C., Finzi, G.

Validation of mesoscale meteorological simulation over Po Valley for air quality applications



Platt, N., Warner, S., Heagy, J., Urban, T.

Discussions, suggestions on using different point-to-point protocols for transport, dispersion model evaluations



Platt, N., Warner, S., Nunes, S.M.

Evaluation plan for comparative investigation of source term estimation algorithms using FUSION field trial 2007 data




Pospisil, J., Jicha, M.

Determination of the PM 10 urban threshold velocity of re-suspension in an inner part of urban area



Qian, W., Venkatram, A.

Estimating meteorological inputs for urban dispersion models




Rantamäki, M., Niemelä, S., Karppinen, A.

An air pollution episode caused by regionaly transported smoke in Finland on 21 Aug 2006: A case study using mesoscale NWP model



San Jose, R., Pérez, J.L., Morant, J.L., González, R.M.

Air pollution differences in simulation patterns by using MM5-CMAQ, WRF-CMAQ: Summer 2003 European pollution episode



San Jose, R., Pérez, J.L., Morant, J.L., González, R.M.

A seasonal, yearly pollution study by using WRF-CHEM, WRF-CMAQ nested with CCSM3 global model




Santiago, J.L., Martilli, A.

Modeling urban meteorology over idealised cities. Comparison between results of urban parameterization implemented in mesoscale model, horizontal spatial average properties obtained using CFD simulations




Santiago, J.L., Parra, M.A., Martín, F., Santamaría, J.M.

Numerical, experimental study of air quality in the Pamplona downtown (Navarra, Spain)



Sato, A., Michioka, T., Takimoto, H.

Field experiments of flow, dispersion within street canyons using outdoor urban scale models




Schatzmann, M., Leitl, B.

Experiences with urban canopy layer data




Schipa, I., Mangia, C., Tanzarella, A., Conte, D., Marra, G.P., Rizza, U.

A GIS based air quality system for the Apulia Region, Southern Italy



Schulze, R.H.

Creating a $40 million company based on dispersion modelling



Sheng, X., Gray, G.

Air quality modelling for planning proposes in the UK



Silibello, C., Brusasca, G., Piersanti, A., Radice, P., Bolignano, A., Sozzi, R., Nussio, F., Tasco, C., Gariazzo, C.

Future emission scenario analysis over Rome urban area using coupled traffic assignment, chemical transport models




Sinesi, M., Petracchini, F., Allegrini, I.

Evaluation of fugitive dust from construction sites in the city of Shanghai



Skouloudis, A.N.

Novel features for atmospheric dispersion models in response to new regulatory challenges



Slrrdal, L.H., Simpson, D., Espen, K., Tove, Y., Solberg, S.S.

Contributions to carbonaceous particulate matter in Oslo, Norway



Soler, M.R., Arasa, R., Merino, M. Olid, M.,, Ortega, S.

High vertical resolution numerical simulation of summer flows in Catalonia. Implications to spatial, temporal variability of ozone, PM10 levels




Špoler Canic, K., Jericevic, A.

Intercomparison of two Gaussian models in the urban Zagreb area



Špolercanic, K., Jercievic, A., Bencetic Klaic, Z.

Simulation of an SO 2 episode in the complex orography of Rijeka area



Steib, R., Ferenczi, Z., Labancz, K.

Air quality forecasting system at Ferihegy Airport –Hungary



Suzuki, M., Yoshida, Y.

Development of a rapid prediction technology for emergency protection area at nuclear accidents



Syrakos, A., Sfetsos, A., Politis, M., Efthimiou, G., Bartzis, J.G.

A comprehensive evaluation of the UOWM MM5-SMOKE-CMAQ modeling system for Western Macedonia




Syrakov, E.

On the parameterization of different stable turbulent regimes in PBL diffusion processes



Syrakov, E., Tsankov, M., Cholakov, E.

On the problem of estimation of the critical pollution characteristics from low, high sources in PBL



Tang, L., Miao, J., Chen, D.

Performance of TAPM against MM5 at urban scale during GÖTE 2001 campaign



Tanzi, C.P., Bader, S., van Dijk, A.

What’s the weather really like? Radiological impact of regular emissions from industrial sources: comparison of OPS, the transport model NPK-PUFF



Tchepel, O., Costa, A.M., Martins, H., Borrego, C.

Determination of background concentrations using spectrum analysis of monitoring data




Teggi, S., Bogliolo, M.P., Ghermandi, G., Fabbi, S., Funaro, M., Gariazzo, C.

Surface parameters evaluated from satellite remote sensing images for pollutant atmospheric dispersion modelling




Tiesi, A., Tirabassi, T., Vilhena, M.T.

The ground level concentration from a point source



Tsegas, G., Barmpas, F., Douros, I., Moussiopoulos, N.

A metamodelling implementation of a two-way coupled mesoscale-microscale flow model for urban area simulations




Ulevicius, V., Bycenkien, S., Senuta, K.

Spatial variations in biogenic emissions for Lithuania



Urban, J.T., Warner, S., Platt, N., Heagy, J.F.

Evaluation of urban atmospheric transport, dispersion models using data from the Joint Urban 2003 Field Experiment




Venkatram, A., Qian, W.

On using model performance statistics in applying models




Vidic, S.

Air Quality Modelling in Croatia




Vienno, M., Dore, A.J., Stevenson, D.S., Doherty, R., Heal, M., Reis, S. Hallsworth, S., Tarrasón, L., Wind, P., Sutton, M.A.

Modelling surface ozone during the 2003 heat wave in the United Kingdom




Walker, S.-E.

WORM - A new open road line source model for low wind speed conditions



Walter, H.

Handling “dirty bomb”-scenarios with the Lagrangian Particle Model LASAIR




Webster, H.N., Thomson, D.J.

Dry deposition modelling in a Lagrangian dispersion model




Weidinger, T., Nagy, Z., Baranka, G., Mészáros, R.,, Gyöngyösi, A.Z.

Determination of meteorological preprocessor for air quality models in New Hungarian Transmission Standards



Weinhold, O., Visser, G., Klok, L., Jonkers, S., Meijer, E.

Experiments with an hourly street canyon dispersion model



Wen, D., Lin, J.C., Meng, F., Sloan, J.J.

Identification of the origins of elevated atmospheric mercury episodes using a Lagrangian modelling system




Whyatt, D., Davies, G.

Modelling low exposure routes in urban micro-environments




Yim, C.K., Fernando, H.J.S

A method of recovering the wind data at nuclear power plant for approval discussion



Zemankova, K., Brechler, J.

Estimation of biogenic VOC emissions from ecosystems in the The Czech Republic



Ziehn, T., Dixon, N.S., Tomlin, A.,S.

The effects of parametric uncertainties in simulations of a reactive plume using a Lagrangian stochastic model




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