The 27th of August 2020 took place the first of 12 monthly meetings that are going to led to

the first international handbook on the assessment of odour exposure by using dispersion modelling

Date: December 2, 2023

The website and the Environmental International Society of Odour Managers announced the publication of the world's first international handbook dedicated to the assessment of odour exposure through dispersion modelling.

This significant initiative, led by experts Ms. Jennifer Barclay and Mr. Carlos Diaz, aimed to fill a critical void in existing guidelines for odour modelling.

The handbook addressed the complexity of modelling odours, recognizing the unique characteristics of odour incidents that are often perceived in seconds or minutes, challenging traditional dispersion modelling operating modes. The focus on exposure was key to accurately calculating the impact of odours on ambient air, especially during calm or very low wind speeds when dispersion was limited.

A diverse group of 52 professionals from across the globe, representing Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, China, Ecuador, France, India, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Peru, Spain, the United Kingdom, the USA, and Qatar, joined forces for this initiative. The group included scientists, consultants, public administration representatives, and other stakeholders, ensuring a rich tapestry of expertise.

The initiative set up seven specialized task groups to delve into various aspects of odour modelling:

  • TG1 - Definitions
  • TG2 - Meteorology
  • TG3 - Emissions and Source characterization
  • TG4 - Dispersion Algorithms
  • TG5 - Dose response
  • TG6 - Reporting
  • TG7 - Other Approaches

Volunteers, who met monthly via teleconference, collaborated with these task groups to contribute to the writing and reviewing of individual sections within each group. This structured approach ensured a comprehensive and well-rounded exploration of the complexities involved in odour exposure assessment.

The release of this handbook was a monumental step forward in the field of environmental management, offering a valuable resource for professionals dealing with odour exposure assessment worldwide. It was expected to set a new standard in odour modelling guidelines and make a lasting impact on the understanding and management of odour-related incidents.

The handbook is available through the website HERE through the Environmental International Society of Odour Managers website HERE or directly using the DOI provider through this link this link.